Approximately 1-in-5 Brands Come From Small Ontario Brewers.

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New Beer Store Board Takes Shape - Yahoo Finance

The four new Independent Directors are: Tim Penner of Toronto , a longtime marketing executive and former President of Proctor and Gamble Canada; Kristine Freudenthaler of Toronto , a logistics and supply chain expert and formerly Senior Vice President of Technology at Canadian Tire; Robert Aziz of Oakville , a lawyer and the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Oxford Properties; Tom Muir of Toronto , and finance expert and the former Chief Financial Officer of Maple Leaf Foods. "The Beer Store and the Province agree that these Independent Directors, and Directors soon to be nominated by the new shareholders, will make a tremendous contribution to the Beer Store Board as we move forward," Angelakos said. "They will help us as we deploy $100 million in capital investments over the next four years to enhance the Beer Store experience for consumers." The Beer Store has reached out to all qualifying Ontario -based brewers to provide information on the new Beer Store ownership opportunity and the process to become a shareholder. About the Beer Store The Beer Store offers customers 529 brands, provided by 118 brewers. Approximately 1-in-5 brands come from small Ontario brewers. It is a completely open system that allows any brewer in the world to sell their brands in any store they choose. The Beer Store does not set prices. Brewers set their own prices independently in a competitive environment. The Beer Store is deeply committed to responsible sale and not selling to minors and people who are intoxicated.

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