We Provide Cost-effective, Quality Bookkeeping Services On A Month-to-month Basis With Absolutely No Long-term Contracts To Sign.

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Whether It’s Staying Compliant With State And Federal Regulations, Managing Payroll Taxes, Or Updating Payroll Info In The General Ledger, We Have You Covered..

Cost savings of up to 90% when compared to in-house bookkeepers. on-line Store & Shopping Cart Integration Manage your on-line store with an accurate accounting system. The tax-time crunch is now a thing of the past. Our mission is to provide businesses with skilled and reliable full-service bookkeeping. start-ups, Incubator Companies for Funding We help you follow gap in preparation of getting your start-up funded. Bookkeepers Now offers a multitude of customization options. Bookkeeping for Not For Profits Learn more about our discounted offers for not for profits. Gina's Bookkeeping Service provides experienced, affordable and dependable bookkeeping and daily money management services to small businesses in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro and surrounding areas. What Can We Do for your Business? As a business owner you will get full-time professional services on a part-time budget.

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We Eliminate Turnover Headaches And Interruptions For You By Having At Least TWO Bookkeepers Support Your Account At Any Given Time. 

We have the highest possible A+ rating from BBC and have been outsourcing using QuickBooks since 2005. Small enough to know and Lappreciate all our clients. We provide cost-effective, quality bookkeeping services on a month-to-month basis with absolutely no long-term contracts to sign. Contrast this with a part-time bookkeeper who comes in only a couple of days a week or a full-time bookkeeper who costs $$$. Get as much detail as you want by viewing source documents like bank statements and receipts. Send your data to your team automatically by securely connecting your bank account to the Bench app. As a small business owner you have more important things to do than bookkeeping. They login and update your QuickBooks files on a daily basis.  Copyright © 2005 Maxim Liberty, Inc.

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Engineers at work on Little Rock I-30 request

They also have spent a considerable amount of effort on the Cantrell Road interchange, which has proved to be a particularly vexing problem, given the amount of pedestrian traffic generated by the River Market District and surrounding development. A proposal to turn Second and Fourth streets into three-lane thoroughfares for traffic getting onto and off the interstate from downtown was met with loud opposition in the fall. So, engineers revisited the idea of building a tunnel for traffic under the River Market District between LaHarpe Boulevard and I-30, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola said Thursday. But, Stodola said, the new proposal to shift the interchange away from the River Market District came after he and Jerry Holder spent about 2 hours last month driving back and forth through the downtown area, and they agreed that moving the interchange warranted further study. Holder is the top consulting engineer for the Highway Department's $1.8 billion Connecting Arkansas Program, which includes the I-30 corridor and other projects of regional significance around the state. Stodola said that by shifting the interchange to Fourth and Capitol Avenue or to Third and Sixth streets, traffic would be more evenly dispersed on the city's downtown grid rather than being concentrated at LaHarpe and East Markham Street/President Clinton Avenue and Cumberland Street. Eliminating the interchange at the River Market District would create a wide-open plaza east from Cumberland to the Clinton Presidential Center, Stodola said, adding that it would an "unbelievable marvel for the city." The mayor said he was pleased that the Feb. 23 meeting was delayed to allow more time to evaluate the idea. "I'm happy to hear it," he said. "I hope they can make it work. It could be a good compromise." The project engineers already had plenty on their plate before the latest proposal from the city.

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